Physical therapy device - ionizer of air oxygen.

Individual Ionizer of air oxygen "EOL-M" is a fluvial-elektroegenerator of negative ions with a high content of activated oxygen molecules (super oxide) and can be used as a tool for physical therapy:

  • aeroionoprofilaktic asthma attacks, as well as hypertension, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, influenza, acute respiratory infections and other diseases;
    enhance adaptive capacities of the organism during rehabilitation after an illness in spa;
  • initiate non-specific adaptation reactions in the elderly under the activation of therapy in geriatrics;
  • stimulation improve trainability and productivity, as well as the pace of recovery from the injuries in amateur and professional sports;

    Production and commercial company "KARE" has been carried out the development and creation of gas-cycle super oxide generators (air oxygen ionizers) which can be used in medical and preventive medicine.
    Two models of ionizers "EOL-P" and "EOL-M", are developed and prepared for production which are intended, accordingly for aeroion prophylaxis and aeroion therapy.
    The models differ by super oxide productivity and presence of the fan to create directed stream of aeroions in model "EOL-M".